Mandawa Kothi
Social Responsability
Mandawa Kothi
Social Commitment By Honouring What We Are
Art and cultural manifestations are essential for building society. Preserving what we are by protecting our Shekhawati heritage and contributing to economic opportunity for our local people.

Mandawa Kothi is a boutique hotel and cultural project aimed at serving as an epicentre for our guests and community by celebrating Rajasthan’s identity, translated into unique traditions and festivities which define us.

Located in the town of Mandawa, the mansion was built during the middle of the 18th century and inhabited by a wealthy merchant man: Shri Maan Seth Kedar Mal Ladia, a businessman who became famous for importing pearls and other jewels in the time of the Silk Route.

As trade patterns changed, the merchants moved to other areas leaving the beautiful mansions in the shadows of anonymity.
Haveli word comes from Arabic havali and Persian hawli, meaning a huge enclosed place. Many of these Havelis built in the Indian subcontinent were influenced by Islamic, Persian, Turkish, Sikh and Hindu architecture.

The structure usually has a courtyard, a fountain in the centre, huge rooms and kitchens, balconies, verandas and alley-like running galleries with mesmerizing wall paintings that still remain through time.
In an effort to safeguard our tangible and intangible cultural patrimony, we were determined to restore the building to its original splendour, using only traditional craftsmen and handmade materials.
Today, every visitor is able to see and live the magnificence of our heritage through our precious haveli and the spirit of Shri Maan Seth Kedar Mal Ladia in every corner, and space of our unique Guest House.
A home away from your home, quiet stared nights and simplicity will ease your spirit. Feast on fresh local culinary specialities to nourish your body, and live with us our Indian festivities, artistic workshops and social initiatives, to nourish your soul.
Stay with us and feel why we are the perfect location for a peaceful holiday, located at the very end of the Heritage Walk in Mandawa.
Be our guest!
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