Frequently Asked Questions
Is India a Family Destination?
With a great and numerous arrays of unique activities, experiences and attractions, India is an excellent destination to consider when travelling with family. In addition to this, the warm hospitality and cultural traditions of our country make it an excellent learning environment for the little ones. Children are more than welcome everywhere they go.
Make India your stage whether it is natural beauty, history, and insights into bustling cities or memorable festivities such as Holi or Pushkar Fair.
Is India a Safe Country to Travel with Family and Friends? Solo Female? Or Business?
Regarding to personal security and the safety of your travel group, India is probably one of the safest destinations you could consider.
With English speaking public easily accessible, getting around is almost never a problem. However, visitors may want to take basic safety precautions that one takes when travelling to any other part of the world.
Having a tour guide will help you to identify the safest areas to move around, and advice the most hygienic eateries to explore. International tourists must avoid drinking tap water. In India is highly recommended to drink only bottled water during your stay.
What Type of Accomodation you Have in India
There are accommodation options available in India for all budgets and requirements. Whether you are looking for opulent palace hotels, to western style chain, or budget accommodations like hostels, there are a lot of great options.

Note that Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks do not permit overnight stay. You can easily find private accommodation options on the outskirts of such regions. Hotel rates vary as per season and location. 

Incredible Real India will select the accurate hotels for our customers. Depending on your personal budget, we will offer all accommodation options highly hygienic, comfortable and adheres to quality standards.

Providing as well boutique experiences for our international guests, and luxury hotels allowing our clientele to have wholesome experiences while in India.
Booking and Paying my Travel in India with Incredible Real India Tours and Journeys
If you wish to confirm a booking with us, we would expect a percentage of your total billing to be paid in advance in order to hold your booking. The balanced amount can be paid based on the agreed upon payment plan for your final journey.

In certain cases such as hotel and flight bookings during peak seasons or holiday seasons, full payment may be required to confirm your reservation. 

We at India Calling Tours accept payments made by Visa, Master and American Express cards. If you intend to pay via a credit card, note that you will also be a charged a small amount of the bank processing fee. 

Another option is to make a direct payment via wire transfer into our bank account. In this method of payment no additional fee is charged and you pay exactly as per the billing amount on your proposal.

At the time of invoicing, we will share our billing and bank details for your reference. This will be sent to you after you confirm the bookings at your end.
Is Visa Needed for Traveling to India?
Yes, most international residents are expected to apply for a visa before they travel to India. Make sure you contact your local Indian embassy for assistance in this regard. Most tourist visas are valid for a period of 6 months and at the time of application it is required that you have at least 2 blank pages in your passport. E-Visa is possible:
Your passport must have a validity of at least 6 months after your return from the trip. At the time of application, you will also require two passport photographs. 
International Travellers whose sole objective of visiting India is recreation, sight seeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration, medical treatment or casual business visit. Passport should have at least six months validity. International Travellers should have return ticket or onward journey ticket, with sufficient money to spend during his/her stay in India.
Is Travel Insurance Needed for Traveling to India?
Before visiting India, make sure your insurance covers loss of personal items, personal accidents, medical emergencies, emergency travel expenses and cancellation of your trip. The choice of the insurance company is at full discretion of the client. We require all guests travelling with Incredible Real India to Hold travel insurance.
Do I Need Specific Vaccinations for Traveling to India?
We cannot provide medical advice. We suggest discussing this matter directly with your doctor.
When Travelling With Incredible Real India, How Protected Am I?
Any medical emergency or unfavorable incident with our guests is accompanied. We like to keep your safety first and make sure that we are always accessible when you need us. Each one of our vehicles on the road maintains contact with the head office in Jaipur and also with other regional offices, depending on where you are at that moment.

The private doctors and medical facilities that we recommend are of excellent standard. All the emergency contacts will be provided to you in your journey documents.

Most hotels also partner with doctors for 24 hour on call services.
Are There Options for Special Dietary Requirements when Traveling to India?
Our selection on restaurants and hotels offer the possibility for certain dietary requirements.
Guidence About Gratuities
Tipping is generally expected; depending on the location you visit. On some journeys, certain gratuities have been taken care of, so that there is one less thing you have to think about. 

The usual practice is to tip the car or bus driver, driver's assistant (if there is one), and the local tour guide, along with waiters, hotel housekeeping and hotel porters.
How´s the Weather in India?
Generically classified to be as hot and tropical, conditions may vary from one region to another. Essentially, the winter months are considered to be between November and March when the mornings as well as the evenings, are rather cool and fresh.

The hot temperatures between April and June can be dry in most parts with dust storms and humidity along the coastal regions.
If you plan on visiting the Himalayas, the best time to visit is during the Monsoon months when the rest of the country is fighting torrential rains.
What´s the Currency in India?
Most international airports across India have numerous money exchange counters for international visitors. In addition to this, most hotels will also be able to help you with this. However, note that some wildlife resorts across the country will not provide facilities for currency exchange. It is always a good idea to carry enough local currency for your basic expenses. 

There are no particular restrictions on the amount of foreign currency or travelers checks a tourist may bring into India. However, you will be required to fill in a declaration form upon arrival. This helps facilitate the exchange of currency that is imported and the export of currency that is unspent at the end of your trip. 
What is the Use of Credit Cards in India?
While most establishments in bigger cities accept a host of MasterCard and Visa credit cards, it may be challenging to find places that accept Diner’s Club and American Express cards.

ATMS are easy to find in most big cities. Outside the bigger cities it is recommended that you carry enough Indian currency for your purchases and for tipping.
Is Internet and Mobile Coverage Available in India?
India has especially good telecom coverage in general. Mobile phones work almost everywhere though not all mobile operators are available in all places or have the same quality of coverage. For instance, you may have trouble finding network in National Parks, some transit areas in the mountains or in border areas. 

Most hotels provide Internet facilities for free or at a minimal fee. Cities are abundant with Internet cafés and your tour guide is the best person to ask in this regard.

Getting a local private number can prove to be a lot more cost effective. Contact your trip manager for assistance on acquiring a prepaid connection.
Our cars and buses will provide free access Wi-Fi networking for your convenience.