Education Trip (School Group Tours to India)

We are committed to showing you best of Incredible India!

To plan the journey mail us:

We help plan your school groups!

All the way from picking a destination to getting you there, we can guide you through:

Picking best destinations

Booking a comfortable stay with the meal

Arranging transportation

Finding unique activities for student groups

Our journeys across India have made us well-versed with the kind of experiences one can expect in different destinations.

We help you plan your journey in India all the way from helping you pick a destination(s) to get you there! In a country as vast as India, selecting the destination to travel to is not an easy task…But we are here for that! Based on your interests, we will guide you to unique places in India that will allow you to pursue your interests while exploring the unknown!

Journeys that not only feed our desire to see new things but also give us a chance to observe and appreciate the similarities and differences between people and cultures.

Understanding these differences of people, places and thinking makes us compassionate, sensitive and loving human beings. To wander and to love is what we live for!